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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Tuesday

Good Evening!

Good Evening to my new followers, old friends, fellow foodies, etc. Today was glorious because I got off work an hour early and didn't have to work tonight. ROCK! Seriously - yesterday was a total drain! Sorry again for the no post-a-roo and trust me when I tell ya, there was nothing exciting about yesterday's eatz. Maybe that's because I knew I wasn't accountable. Healthy? Yes. Interesting or picturesque? No. But...LET'S TALK ABOUT TUESDAY!

How can Tuesday not be great when it's started off like THIS? I seriously can't get enough of my Fage! Love Love Love.

Isn't She Purdy?
Fage Total 0%
Planter's Daybreak Trail Mix (not the Energy selection)
1/4 C. Fresh Blues

I worked today and had a luncheon to attend. I, of course, declined the Blue Mesa food that was catered in. No thanks. It sure did smell good, but I had a powerful lunch of taste bud pleasing proportions awaitin'.

Cute Spoon Included To Eat My...

...Tasty Soup With!

Now that's a deal! They included a spoon too? Not only a spoon, a perfect, little wonton spoon! What? I know...unheard of! And, do you spy that ADORABLE Mickey Mouse inspired snack? How could you not have a great Tuesday or a great time eating lunch with that? Fresh baby carrots, celery, baby pretzels (I HAVE A HEART ON FOR PRETZELS IN ANY FORM) and a cheese sauce to dip it all in. They also give instructions on how to build "fun" stuff with all the pieces in Mickey's head. I refrained. Lunch was a serious affair for me today. I know...I know...I'm a total Fun FAIL. At a whopping 110 calories for that filling snack, I'll be pickin' up some 'mo of those suckers!

Pre-DinnerTime Snack-a-licious
1 Bag, Orville 100 Calorie, Mini-Bags, Butter Flavor
1 Shake-shake of CINNAMON (don't saw that coming)
1 Shake-shake of Black Pepper
1 Shake-shake of Cayenne Pepper

My lips were on fire, my tongue was doing the happy dance and my belly was satisfied. I didn't capture dinner tonight. A few reasons, first, it was NON original and totally heated up from the freezer. Lean Pockets, Three Cheese & Broccoli. YUMMY though. On the side, a salad with my fave asian dressing. I must have programmed the micro for about 2 million minutes instead of 2 min, 15 sec ... as was the plan. Let's just was crunchy and a bit dry. Did it still taste good and do the trick? Yeppers!!!!

I'm going to turn in early tonight. I think I'm going to go plan at least breakfast and lunch for tomorrow first. Then it's off to watch my "Guilty Pleasure" shows. That phrase takes the place of actually telling you, because if I told you what shows, well, I'd be embarrassed and you don't want that.

Goodnight Moon!


  1. hahah LOVE the last paragraph!! i wonder what your shows are? im trying to think of what comes on during tuesday nights..

    and that spoon is ADORABLE! that would be so fun to eat with!

  2. Glad you found my blog, i am following yours now too!!! I love Fage Greek Yogurt!!!! I really cant live without it!!! Have a great week!! xo

  3. i think i might have figured out a cool breakfast using fage...i'm gonna check it in the AM and let you know...

    more great ideas here!