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Monday, June 7, 2010

Lazy DinDin, Blog Stalkin' & Hemp Protein

Good Evening Foodies!

How is your week goin' so far? Mine? Hmmmmmmm. It's goin' and I had a "get out of work one hour early-free" card for not one, but TWO days this week when I arrived! That's me, best job ever girl. Lol~ No, but anywhoooo, I skipped out at 3:30 p.m. today and will be doing the same tomorrow. *happy sighs* Please don't take this to mean that I have been productive since coming home. I absolutely haven't been. I have a list of things to do and then I'm going to bed! Early. 'Nuff said.

My mind is so busy lately. I can't quiet my thoughts! There's SO much floating around up there, so much I want to do, so much needs to get done, wants, needs, tasks .... AAAAHHHHHH!! I can't figure out if I need a vacation or if I need to address this issue in typical, 10th grade English paper style and make an "outline" first. It's all very exciting things, for the most part -- so that is....well, EXCITING!

Dearest peeps, I NEED YOUR HELP! I bought and have been using the Vanilla Hemp Protein Powder. I get a SERIOUS case of the jitters and weirdness when I consume it. Is this normal? Has ANYONE ever experienced this? Does it go away? I tried only using half a portion this morning and still got the same reaction. I want to do protein and was really amped about the Hemp vs. any others and am now thinking it may not work. ?? I also want to try the Amazing Grass Amazing Meal but it's protein sources are Hemp and Rice proteins. Also, the Manitoba Harvest site's FAQ page says there is no way to fail a drug test by consuming their products, however, I'm wondering if that holds true even if I plan to include this in my daily or several times a week regimen. This is, of course, if the strangeness I get from it goes away, otherwise I'm going to look into the Bio-Chems. Seriously, any helpful words would be greatly appreciated!!

Dinner was served for me, by me this evening promptly at 5:36 p.m. Yes, that's early, even for MOI! I like to have plenty o' digestion time before hopping in bed. As mentioned above, it's early to bed for me tonight. Annnnnddddddd ...... *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

I GOT OUT MY POINT AND SHOOT!!!!! No iPhone photos on tonight's dinner "menu".

Lazy Lady SupperPalooza

Pita "pretend sandwich"
Joseph's Pita
Smart Deli Ham
Kraft FF Shredded Ched
Insides of a SP w/ CINNAMON
Usual Suspect Salad

BTW - I should mention this gorgeous display of sweet, succulent perfection was supposed to be eaten LAST NIGHT. Nobody told me that it takes about a day and a half to make a baked sweet potato in the oven. Rookie mistake. I usually use the pre readied, plastic wrapped, "stick this sucka in the micro for 7 minutes and listen to it sing" variety. I must say, hands down, no comparison, I'll be getting these and doing it the right way from now on. SOOOO Good!!

My salad looks appetizing with the use of my Canon ELPH!

Inside of my non impressive, but highly tasty and FAST "pretendwich"... I had some ketchup to dip this in too -- it made it to dinner late and therefore, was not pictured.

I'm outta here kids!

1. What protein do you use and why? Why do you like it? What purpose does it serve with your dietary needs/daily regimen?
I am trying the Manitoba Harvest and as I stated, it may not be working. :( Major case of the sads if that stays true. I want it for sustenance. I'm not trying to bulk up or gain weight -- opposite actually, but just intended to use it in the GMs or Breakfast Cookies to hold me tight until lunch.

2. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the thoughts spinning in your head? What quiets this for you?
I try to read and blog and read blogs and then get bogged down with the fact that I know I want to do these things. Also, my mind will go a million directions on me and then I am chasing my thoughts around all day making sure I don't forget anything. Anytime I gear up for a life change this happens. That, and, I need a cleaning lady and I need to de-clutter EVERYTHING; house, life, computer files ... EVERYTHING!


  1. Your camera takes amazing pictures. I want to get a good camera so badly!
    I loved sweet potatoes! yum!

  2. Both items look great, I am tempted to try either.