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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Good Evening My Loverrrrzzzzz ...

I'm a complete and total SPAZ right now. First, I'd like to tell you all I had a great day! The second of two "get out of work an hour early-free" cards was used today. Hoooraaaahhh! The bf and I are catching him up on the seasons of Grey's before next season starts. He's watched the latest with me and we are now moving quite swiftly through season 2.

Let us just get right down to brass tacks - I'm too excited to wait any longer. Thank you SO much to HEAB for showcasing how to make an omelet in THIS POST. Bee tee dubs -- I'd how it's supposed to be spelled and it comes in both ways I guess. At least they both produce the same exact three definitions. Omelet, Omelette ... um, yeah, moving on.

A Festive Feast Really

  • 1 egg/2 egg whites
  • 2 slices Smart Deli Ham
  • 1 slice Sargento, Reduced Fat Provolone
  • Low Sugar GRAPE JELLY schmashed and schmeeaared on top!
Usual Suspect

Oh, I'm goooood! I'm REAL good!

For the record, wait - someone is keeping a record - omelets can come by for dinner ANYTIME!

So tonight, of course, you see it up there ... the Usual Suspect... but it's not usually donning THIS!

Never again. I will eat this up and use it for it's original intent -- to savor the bottle when I start making and bottling my own dressings, which will be the minute this runs out. I may try it as a tofu marinade? Certainly it can't be worse than it was on the salad?! Anyone tried this before? Am I crazy nuts for not loving it?

Pretty much starved to death by the time I made it by Target to pick up the "baby away", I browsed the bar bins to see what I could see. Too heavy in all nutritionally related areas for me to consume on the daily, but this thang was dead tasty! Scrumpch!

Off I go for more Grey's kids. Peace out!!

1. What are some of your fave items to throw into an omelet, omelette?
I can imagine the redic possibilities. I kept saying "OMG, my life has changed forever" once I took my first bite. My dear over HERE inspired me to throw jelly on it!

2. What's your fave bar?
Love my Luna's but I should probably branch out!


  1. GIRL!!!!!!!! I love ya!! Sorry for slacking on your beautiful blog! Muah! Never forget you!!

    I did comment on the post where you gave me a shout out to kamut puffs?!! Did the comment disappear : (

    Ummmmmmmmmm yes the biscotti crisps are yum-o!!!!

    Loving the omelet, I seriously could eat eggs for every meal, so goood!!!

    Love u girl!

    My fave luna bar is chocolate peppermint stick!! So delish!!!!!!!!

  2. AND I love that you put jelly in it!!! Glad you liked it, isn't it the best?!!! Muah!!! love ya!!!!

  3. I love omelets! I love putting peppers and feta in them. Actually most veggies work in here.
    I love KIND bars and larabars! yum!

  4. Hey love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I did see you were having problems with your protein powder too, I hope that this sunwarrior is good! I heard amazing things about it, will let you know as well!!!

    YAY for a great food post coming up from you! Im excited! I know its gonna rock !!

    U should get that starbucks cup! Perfect for smoothies!!!!

    And I love that you noticed I was wear my tory burch siver shoes!! U are too cute!

    Muah!! Happy TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mmmm, I used to love jam with eggs! My favorite bars are larabars but I need to be careful because they're loaded with sugar. I also like the macrogreens bars.