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Monday, May 31, 2010

New Yums, Stir Fry Queen X2 & A Happy Memorial Day!

What's up peeps?? Everyone having a wonderful Holiday weekend? My three day weekend, I off that I had today was great. I worked the other days. But hey, I'll take the day off compared to none since I am normally pulling the seven day work weeks! I made a little money and had a pretty chillaxed weekend. Of course, the Registered Dietitian train never ceases to steam roll through my head. Big decisions on the horizon, folks .... BIG TIME DECISIONS!

Well, let's get to the eatz, shall we? Let me preface by saying, this post is going to be somewhat inspired by and copy-catory (I made that word up, deal with it) of one of my favorite FABU FOOD~ISTAS. 'Tis true, she really got my creative, whole foodie juices flowing after reading earlier in the weekend.

So - I worked my heart out on Saturday then went to SPROUTS. Love me some SPROUTS! It's like Whole Foods, only ... not quite as cool or pricey, on a smaller scale and closer to home. I had to pick up some staples for my morning Monster ritual. I've really found that these jjjjuuummmppp start my day. I always use my Amazing Grass, Superfood packets, but finally ventured into the protein powder world. I decided on the Manitoba Harvest, Hemp Protein, Vanilla. Does anyone out there do both the wheat grass/superfood AND the protein pows in their smoothies? After checking the facts on both, I believe I am gaining many benefits from each that offer separate sets of awesomeness even when combined. Also, I'm more into the protein pow for sustenance, not bulk or weight gain. I plan to only use one serving a day -- any thoughts or input on this would be helpful! I also picked up some Organic Puffed Kamut! Thanks again, to Katie's post!!
Dear Kamut,
Where have you been my whole life? I'm so happy to have found you!
Love, Liz
I had to throw some Luna bars in the mix too. I mean, 4/$5...yes, please! Luna bars take hunger and pretty much stomp it out for a good 3-5 hours for me. Anything that can do that is worth more than a hill of beans to me! Ha! I should mention that I ravenously attacked my Iced Oatmeal Raisin Luna the minute I was back in my car. Staple around here = Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, 'nuff said. Please allow me to explain that I sincerely had high hopes for bringing the loot in and photographing it immediately. That plan went down hill upon said encounter with Luna bar #1 and then only further tanked when I had to quick fast get ready to head out the door to see a movie. Hence, you get a photo of foods that have all been opened and sampled already! Sex and the City 2 .... you disappointed me.

Remember months ago when I made the best stir fry ever? Welllllll..... I. Was. Wrong. !!! Feast your eyes on the glory below!

Sssshhhhhhaaaaaaa BABY!!

Joseph's Pita (first time on this, a little thin but OH SO GOOD. It ate like a folded up, stuffed burrito.)
Sugar Snapz
Broc Slaw
Green Bells
Gardein Home Style Beefless Tips
Cedar's Tzatziki Dip, Cucumber Garlic

Ok ladies and gents, time for some QT with my SO. We are going to watch some TV and go to bed. Sorry for the small pics, they didn't go unnoticed, but I did come with a fair share of the lazies tonight. Womp womp!


  1. Yay you got Kamut Puffs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum! Love u girl! Thanks for the shout out!

    I love luna bars and the white chocolate Macademia one rocks!! I think you got one of those from what I can see!

    Stir Frys rock! Loving the combo you used!


  2. I need to quiet this mind, its always running, this equals insomnia and why I dont sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh seeing gaga september 5th in pittsburgh and that is too far away for me! Yay for seeing here in July!!! I bet your excited too!

    I listen to her every day in the car, love th esong teeth , actually love every song!!!

    Love ya!

    awwwww thanks for the comment on the jewelry tree, mike knew I needed a place to put all my stuff!!!

  3. Love that you and Matt looked at rings at Tiffany's!! It is the best place, a place girls dream about!!! Yay!

    protein brownie batter is chocolate protein powder mixed with a litttle water, its a creation by April over at she has tons of AMAZING recipes!! check out her blog!!!

    Love ya girl!!