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Friday, February 26, 2010

Best Snaxkie Ever!!

Hello Hello My Lovelies!

Can you believe I have a day off? Oh my goodness, well two, actually!! I was off today for some routine doctor visits and then had to hop over to the Municipal Court to pay a pesky ticket I got last weekend. Driving FAIL. I made it from 16 to 25 before I got speeding ticket ONE and now, I have two. One isn't on my record though so...sssshhhh!!

Back to having a day off, YES - tomorrow, I HAVE A DAY OFF! That is quite good considering I'm going into the most head-spinning, busy week of my year. So, tomorrow is filled with relaxation and who knows? I may actually take down the Christmas Tree. *hides and giggles* Ah, yes ... it's still Christmas in the Liz-Matt-Kosmo-Miller-Olive-Roxy residence. Year of Cheer, anyone? Ha!

I'll leave you with a photo of my new fave snaxkie!

Honeycrisp Apple (last of season, really trying to hang on while I can)
2 T Better n' Peanut Butter

I'll be back tomorrow, kiddos.

Over n' Out!

Thanks for reading!!

Question: What's your favorite afternoon snack that tends to really get you through until dinner time?

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  1. Fruit and protein also! Apples with almond butter, or a hemp protein smoothie :)